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By mutual agreement, my wife Deborah was to come with a black man, Chris, here and there in recent months for sex. Sometimes we had a threesome, yantasy but mostly I have seen, had gone to Chris and then I took Deb. You know, the black and white women share. Now things have yantasy changed in the yantasy last month. in the odd weekend Deb parents have children, so we have some free time, Chris could have contained. Deb is 31, short dark brown hair and thick set, adding the girl in the Special K. Chris is six feet two and stone from 13 to 14. Chris started telling me one night that could only take Deb, when he was there, and only in the way yantasy he told me, and I would end my tongue when held. yantasy I said no was the guest of her husband. He said it was the cuckold. When horned devil ! After I kicked him in the gut and hit his head against the wall with his arm around me and threw it back down the stairs. All the time that Chris had yantasy been the law that establishes a bi Debg smile on their face. After releasing Chris and told us again went upstairs and gave Deb the fuck of her life. I said I had broken the rules and what I wanted to change it. as I expected, became the next night with a friend and tried to Chris went to Adam and Adam Martin of the car and came after them. I can not imagine my two friends, but when Chris and his new friend, he left it was all over, or that you need a lot of care. Adam, Martin and I went inside. Deb said, 'From now on, unless you move, only my own wishes, Adam Martin and fuck, fuck, and only these two, if I tell you, although I am not here when I am very bad at telling you, Fuck you ! Now pull me out! ' Deb did what was said, and then made ​​us hard. Everyone went and then I took Deb on her back on the floor, followed by Martin. Adam was then Deb mounting from above, and I must say, it looked great. Deb was caught with each. After Adam had shot his load to Deb, we had a short break, and we sucked it all again. Then I had to drive Deb Martin, while I held her head and grabbed his mouth. I went before I came and asked Deb for the hair, spraying the entire face and neck. She came, as I prepare, and turned to the second charge of Martin it. Adam was then Deb from behind. While he fucked her that if she said no I never say or not, fuck if I said, fuck that is. yantasy She said she understood completely. Adam began to beat her ass and calls it a good well-behaved little lady who remember who the boss is necessary, and then shot his second load them too. Deb had to lick clean for all of us, before Martin and Adam left. On Thursday I made sure Deb would be playing by new rules. I took the kids for a burger and tells Deb that Martin would return and had to take it. She said K. or Martin came and told Deb that she wanted to nurse, so she did. Then he toldundress and lay on the kitchen table, and she did. Martin licked a bit and then took it back on the table. Deb had two small runs before Martin stopped and told him to get up. He took over the garden and told to shut up. Under the pillow away from the lawn chairs, told to kneel on it. He looked around but no one can see across the yard through the back door, Martin said the pillow, and she knelt. Martin immediately his cock again and began to fuck her again. Although she moaned a little pleasure every time Martin ' Shh,' was it was quiet, but when the two arrived, really an effort yantasy to be quiet as he shot Martin. When I got home to home and putting children to bed that had Deb tell me what happened, Martin and I had planned that way, I wonder if he lied, and Martin told me the next day also. After Deb gave his version, I fucked her on the couch and asked him how he likes the new rules. She is happier than with Chris. Adam was about Deb and fucked on the couch and the two were last night, we are all doomed Deb on the kitchen table and the sofa. So far, so good. cuckold ? Probably not!
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